Do you know five out of ten most polluted cities of the world are in India? In the last three years, 15,00,00,000 trees were cut in Gujarat, while 15,000 in Delhi. Globally 15 billion trees are cut each year.

At Treezing, we are on a mission to revive India’s lost green cover. Last year alone, we planted thousands of trees in India. With rising pollution levels in metropolitan cities like Delhi NCR and green cover receding in pristine hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, we as citizens must act now.

You too can join us in our mission. Gift a tree to your friends and family so they can appreciate and join the green movement. For each merchandise purchased from us, we plant a tree for you. We are socially conscious organization and held the first of its kind Earth Day Awareness Run in India on the occasion of Earth Day, April 22, 2017, Treezing organized. We started our tree plantation campaign at the ecologically sensitive areas like the Khasi Hill rain forest.

Come join the green movement and be part of our green initiative.

Be a part of our Tree Plantation Campaign.
With each T-Shirt we will plant a tree for you.

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